Editorial strategy

GateHouse Media’s newsrooms are committed to advancing community issues through proactive, provocative stories. Our in-depth news stories strive to cover topics that resonate with readers, tell the stories no one else is telling, answer questions and address how local issues impact the community.

Read some examples of great in-depth news from our newsrooms:

For more examples of in-depth, enterprise journalism, see our site’s Enterprise Journalism section.

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Our publications provide readers with comprehensive guides to the events and happenings in their communities, helping them plan their lives. We go beyond simple event listings to highlight the most relevant and useful information on go-and-do content in our communities — features including 5 Things to Do This Weekend, restaurant reviews, quizzes and quick-hit lists such as Nearby Day Trips and Freebies for the Family.

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Read some examples of great local entertainment pieces from our newsrooms:

We believe engaging readers begins in the newsroom, and extends into both print and digital news products. GateHouse publications value the opportunity to interact with readers through reader advisory boards, reader-submitted content, interactive digital tools and conversation across social media platforms.

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See some examples of how GateHouse newsrooms engage their readers:

GateHouse Media’s newsrooms take advantage of the wealth of tools available in the age of digital journalism to report on the news as it happens. Readers no longer have to wait to know what’s happening in their own community – videos, tweets and content are all gathered and reported in real time, so that readers can truly follow as along as the news develops.

Check out these examples of live reporting and interaction in GateHouse newsrooms:

GateHouse Media is committed to the use of data both to drive in-depth journalism and to inform content and coverage decisions. Our partnerships with powerful database systems allow GateHouse newsrooms to harness data to reveal trends and draw conclusions about local, regional and national issues. Analytics are also an important aspect of the GateHouse Media reporting process, and allow our newsrooms to gauge and respond to the content that community members truly value.

For an example of the emphasis GateHouse places on data, check out The Columbus Dispatch’s public database collection or download The Columbus Dispatch’s in-depth series on dams in Ohio.

For more on how GateHouse is using analytics to drive content decisions, read this piece on our digital transformation.

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