Aug. 21 eclipse was a family affair for State Journal-Register business editor

People from all over the world convened at sites across the U.S. to watch the Aug. 21 total eclipse, and many GateHouse newsrooms in and around the totality got in on the action by sending teams of reporters and photographers to nearby viewing sites. For the Springfield, Illinois, State Journal-Register‘s business editor Tim Landis, the eclipse also meant a special opportunity to work alongside his daughter Kelsey.

Kelsey, a reporter for the Belleville News-Democrat, and Tim had both written stories in advance of the eclipse and only learned a few weeks before that their respective editors had asked each of them to cover the event in Carbondale.

“It was pretty cool to work next to Kelsey the day of the event and watch her go about the business of journalism,” Tim explained.

The business of journalism runs deep in the Landis family — Tim and his wife, Debra, met at The Southeast Missourian in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and she freelanced at the SJ-R before going into journalism education at the University of Illinois Springfield — and Tim says he and his wife encouraged both of their children to be voracious readers.

“Kelsey worked for her high school newspaper in Chatham, Illinois, so interest was there early on.”

Aside from sitting next to Kelsey in the press box, Tim revealed that his favorite eclipse moments were the eerie drop in light and temperature at the moment of totality and the reaction of the crowd at the Southern Illinois University stadium.

“Some cheered, some laughed, others cried. It was an unforgettable moment.”

In the mood for an eclipse throwback? Check out Tim’s Aug. 21 coverage


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