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2017 AP Stylebook new terms and changes

It’s June 1, and the Associated Press has officially released its 2017 AP Stylebook, which has a number of changes to existing terms, as well as the addition of many new terms.

addiction An expanded entry reminds Stylebook users that addiction is considered a disease and that words like “problem” and “abuse” should be avoided

  • Words like “addict” or “user” should also be avoided unless in quotations or in the names of organizations.
  • addiction and dependence should not be used interchangeably

LGBT and LGBTQ are now acceptable in all references

cocktail Should not be used to describe the mix or blend of drugs used for executions

  • Medical references, as in “HIV drug cocktail,” and phrases like “Molotov cocktail” are acceptable

flyer Is the preferred term for both a person flying an aircraft and handbills

kimchi Not kimchee


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