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Untitled design (40)GateHouse Media has joined News Media Alliance members and other organizations in the “Support Real News” national campaign showing support for accurate news gathered and produced by trusted news organizations like yours.

I encourage every editor who writes a column or editorial to continue the valued discussion with readers on how and why we make journalistic decisions. Transparency should be a quality of any trusted and respected journalist.

To do journalism with impact, we must be vigilant in pursuing the truth, being the public’s watchdog, and setting a high bar of credibility.

Perhaps it’s serendipitous that the “Support Real News” campaign is happening as we’re seeing a record number of entries submitted for Best of GateHouse. There is nothing fake about the enthusiasm and excellence your journalists are delivering daily.

You’re changing laws, holding officials accountable, and uncovering stories that make a difference. This is real journalism.

That’s why we need to be vigilant in how we engage with readers and our newsrooms. Show them why journalism matters. Why what you’re doing is the real deal.

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