“The first time I didn’t feel it, but this time I feel it — and I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!”

The famously misquoted speech Sally Field gave after winning her second Academy Award draws quite a comparison to engagement growth on social media. I’ll explain.

If a Facebook post like is like Field’s first Oscar, a new follower is like her second Oscar — the one that meant people *really* liked her.

The question has always been how to turn the occasional liker into a regular follower. The newest answer is to just invite them.

The new Facebook invite functionality means that if a Facebook user who doesn’t follow your page likes a post from your page, you now have the ability to invite them to like your page.


A button will appear next to their name in the list of post likes, which gives you the ability to invite them to follow your page.


If they accept, you’ve earned yourself a new follower whose newsfeed will be graced with your page’s posts.

According to David Colantuono, Wicked Local’s audience development specialist, the new feature is a simple way to grow page followers.

“Overall, our top 50 sites grew their Facebook followers by 3 percent in January, compared to almost no growth in December.”

While 3 percent may not seem huge, it’s actually something when you consider that follower growth can sometimes seem to plateau for pages that already have a considerable presence within their communities on Facebook and, perhaps most importantly, that sending invites is literally as easy as clicking an invite button.

For some pages, Colantuono saw follower growth as high as 18 percent.

Another reassuring note for page admins: invites come from the page, not from personal Facebook pages.

anon invite

Remember: likes are fleeting, followers are (hopefully) forever

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