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10 video ideas any size newsroom can do

Chances are if you’re in a newsroom, you’re doing more with video than every before. You are probably shooting videos at sporting events, press conferences and at breaking news events.

But have you thought about cooking videos, or weather videos? At GateHouse, we’ve been focusing on increasing video production at all our sites in order to grow revenue. Here are some ideas that any size newsroom can use:

1.) Cooking videos: Cooking videos are all over Facebook now and are easy to do with the Tout app if you include subtitles. Stick to sweet recipes like cookies, or recipes with a few ingredients to start

2.) Dashboard videos showing traffic on a local route: A good way to highlight construction on major routes, or show people what it’s like to drive through a new intersection

3.) Breaking news, such as witness interviews, or raw footage from a scene. Breaking news video routinely are at the top of the top 10 most viewed videos for the week, no matter the size of the publication. They can be done quickly with minimal editing, and are a great to show readers the unique perspective you have as the reporter or photographer on scene.

4.) Weather, such as a time lapse of a storm, or a stand-up reporting ahead of a big weather event. Weather posts on Facebook tend to get high engagement.

5.) Answering basic questions from readers around a timely topic, such as how hot does it get inside a car.

6.) Covering standard features like a 70th anniversary with a touching video. Can be done alongside reporting for a story and photography.

7.) Newsroom taste test of new local dishes, and having a little fun.

8.) Finding the stories that do well visually, such as the practice of a feature on an inner city football program.

9.) Sidebars to breaking news stories, such as a moment captured during the contentious protests at the RNC convention.

10.) In the newsroom videos, whether posted directly to Facebook that are fun and light, or more in-depth interviews with reporters.

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