Thanksgiving is less than a week away, but before you take off to visit family and friends be sure you brush up on the food section found in the back of the AP Stylebook. Here are a few items you need to know for turkey day. Warning: you may start drooling halfway through.

apples – most varieties are capitalized, with the exception of crabapple.


cooking spray


corn on the cob



deep-fry, deep-fried


potatoes – varieties are written as “fingerling,” “new,” “red bliss,” “russet,” “Yukon Gold”


saute, sauteed, sauteing – to cook with fat on the stovetop

scallions – the preferred term for green onions

wines – grape varietals, such as chardonnay or merlot, are not capitalized. Wines named for a region however, are capitalized, such as Burgundy or Champagne.

yam – yams and sweet potatoes are not actually related, although many people use the two synonymously



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