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Instagram’s new business tools, analytics for accounts

If your news website is using Instagram, now is the time to get set up as a business account.

Earlier this month Instagram announced a process for creating a business account on Instagram. In the blog, the company outlined a process for getting verified, as well as providing access to more analytics. To set up a business profile, be sure you are an admin of the Instagram account and also an admin of your sites’s Facebook page. Follow the steps outlined here. Once you have a business account, you can also see insights into your post, including:

  • impressions
  • reach
  • website clicks
  • follower activity

Reach will give you an idea of the number of unique accounts that saw your post, whereas impressions will include multiple views from a users. Here’s an example of what insights look like for the Ledger in Lakeland, Florida:


The Ledger’s Instagram analytics.
The Ledger’s Instagram analytics.

Why make your account verified as a business? There are several reasons, including the data on who has seen your posts, besides just those who liked it. Without the ability to link out in Instagram other than your profile, Instagram was always a bit of a black box for metrics.

As the staff at Constant Contact wrote on Business 2 Community, having access to audience data is also helpful.

Being a business page also makes you more official in Facebook’s eyes, just as a verified page does. Instagram will likely roll out new features to business pages first going forward.

If you’re posting to Instagram regularly, make sure to check back once a day on past posts (sometimes it takes a few hours for metrics to show up) to see your reach and follower activity.


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