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Healthy competition? Instagram stories vs Snapchat

IG vs InstaIf you’ve noticed people or brands you follow at the top of your Instagram feed recently, those are “stories” created with the new feature.

Instagram released the new tool earlier this month, and many people started using it recently. CEO Kevin Systrom told Tech Crunch that the feature was designed with Snapchat in mind, as you can create stories in the popular social media app that can be viewed together.

While Instagram still have more monthly active users, Snapchat has had explosive growth in just a few years.

It didn’t take long for newsrooms to start using the tool. Digiday reported in an article last week that the New York Times is mixing photos and videos of the Olympics into story updates.

GateHouse sites are jumping in as well, with Sarasota’s millennial site Unravel doing quick videos on what is on the site that day:


If you’re a reporter or editor thinking about how to use stories, keep in mind that doing a story/video is a good way to engage with your Instagram followers. Consider putting a series of photos together from event, which could mean that more of your followers see it.

Story posts are also showing up at the top of your Instagram page, which is a prominent location.

Can’t decide which you want to experiment with? Our Social Media Coordinator John took a look at a few of the differences in each app.

Still curious? Find GateHouse Newsroom on Snapchat at @ghnewsroom to see a little more about what we think…

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