With the PGA Championship next week at Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, New Jersey, we looked to the AP Stylebook for golf-related terms and rules to make sure your coverage gets a hole-in-one.

PGA Acceptable in all references to the “Professional Golfers’ Association of America”

  • The PGA Tour is a separate organization of competing professional golfers. “Tour” (lowercase) should be used on reference.

birdie, birdies, birdied One stroke under par.

  • bogey, bogeys One stroke over par. Past tense is bogeyed.
  • eagle, eagled Two strokes under par.

green fee Fee paid to play on a golf course. Note, not “greens fee.”

  • “Green” refers to all parts of a golf course, not just the putting green.

Masters, Masters Tournament No possessive. Use “the Masters” on second reference.

Use figures for handicaps, par listings and club ratings, but spell out hole numbers.

  • “She has a 1 handicap,” “a par-3 hole;” “a 5-iron.” But “a nine-hole course;” “the 18th hole.”


tee, tee off

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