3 mobile journalism apps you’ll want to add to your reporting arsenal

In the spirit of experimentation and team building fun, a few members of the GateHouse Newsroom team enrolled in Poynter NewsU’s 2016 Tools for Mobile Journalism webinar. The NewsU team shared a good number of apps, ranging from the incredibly useful, to the less pragmatic and more experiential.

Some of the apps were no surprise – we’re talking Instagram, Periscope and Facebook Live – but there were a few that were brand new to us. You’ll have to sign up for the webinar replay for a full list, but here are a few that we would recommend to our own newsrooms based on their ease of use and practicality:

1. For video on the go: Videoshop

iPhone users: $1.99 | Android users: Free

Newsrooms without access to tools like Tout can still create and edit videos quickly on the go, without ever having to move from one program to another. Videoshop users can easily trim or merge clips, adjust video speed and insert photos while building the video, and then add final touches like music, sound effects, voice overs, subtitles and transitions. From the app, sharing the final product to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or email is as simple as clicking a button.

2. For never missing a great quote: Cogi

iPhone users: Free | Android users: Free

Ever wrap up an interview, turn off your recording device, say your goodbyes to your source – only to mentally kick yourself when they suddenly wax eloquent with a perfect quote that you’ll never be able to remember word for word?

Cogi’s biggest benefit to reporters is that it constantly stores the last few moments of buffered audio, even if you haven’t asked it to actively record. As soon as you realize your source has already launched into a quote you’ll want to transcribe, Cogi allows you to tap a button that pulls the audio you missed and then records in live time.

3. For live publishing: Evrybit

iPhone users: Free | Android users: Incompatible

Unlike other popular live storytelling tools like Storify, the Evrybit app is mobile-first. This app allows you to create a story using text, voice recording, video, photos and drawing tool elements. After your basic story framework has been put together, you are able to share your story on social media as well as on your website through an embed code. From that point, any updates you make to the story to your mobile phone will be pushed through in live time to everywhere else your story appears. The story itself is responsive and user-friendly for readers to scroll through and interactive with.

Check out more mobile journalism tools in Poynter’s Tools for Mobile Journalism webinar replay.

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