Food, glorious food.

I can think of few things more important to the human experience, mainly due to the fact that we literally cannot live without it. Whether you’re eating to live, or living to eat, there’s no denying the global impact of food and food culture.

We’ve collected a list of some of the AP Stylebook’s more specific cooking-related rules and terms for both folks who know their way around the kitchen and for those who might still be mastering the art of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

colander “Strainer” is preferred

Crock-Pot Brand name, not to be used unless referencing that brand; generic term is “slow cooker.”

foil Use “tin foil” or “aluminum foil”

kitchen parchment Preferred term over “parchment paper” or “baking paper”

MSG Acceptable on first reference to “monosodium glutamate”


skillet Preferred over “frying pan”

Ziploc Brand name; generic term is “zip-close bag”

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