Whether you follow the latest trends via the glossy editorial pages of Vogue or only accidentally see what celebrities are wearing to take out their recycling as you skim a copy of US Weekly while waiting in the check-out line at the grocery store, it’s hard to deny the global impact of the fashion industry and its huge number of devotees.

Aside from the many facets surrounding the fashion industry that can be reported on, from the often poor conditions of the factories where clothes are made to the latest trends seen in your local community, due to its large number of dedicated followers, another great thing about reporting on fashion is that related stories are much more likely to seen by a greater number of people.

That said, we’ve collected a list of AP terms to make sure your fashion-related stories are a hit with readers.

fashion week Capitalize in an official name: “New York Fashion Week” or “London Fashion Week

hoodie A hooded sweatshirt

Lycra A trademark fiber or fabric. Generic terms include “spandex” or “elastic” or “stretch fabric.”

menswear Not “men’s wear”

  • Also “womenswear”

nude Avoid as a description of a color. Use specific terms like “champagne” and “sand.”

pouf, poufy, pouffed A part of a garment with excess, gathered fabric.

T-shirt Acceptable to use “tee” on subsequent references.

Velcro Trademark for a nylon material that can be pressed together or pulled apart for easy fastening and unfastening. For generic use, use a term like “fabric fastener.”

V-neck (noun and adjective)

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