Facebook first released its live streaming app mentions in the fall of 2015 to celebrities and verified pages of individuals. But with the popularity of other live streaming products such as Periscope, Facebook has now rolled out the feature to all verified pages of news sites.

If you have a verified page (read more about how to get verified, although sadly new requests haven’t been confirmed for quite some time), you can access live streaming in your pages admin app. Facebook also released instructions for how to set it up.

More and more publishers are taking advantage of the tool, which also sends a notification to page fans that you are going live.

Last week during another round of Super Tuesday primaries, ABC, CBS, NBC, Huffington Post and Vox all went live, according to Digiday. The numbers in live have been even higher than video published natively to Facebook, with as many as 20,000 viewers on some of the more successful live streams, Digiday said.

Here in Austin, South by Southwest took place last week and several pages went live locally to cover bands playing.

Facebook is also prioritizing live updates in its algorithm and placing it higher in the news feed because of their popularity.

At least one GateHouse Media site has gone live on several occasions. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune has gone live to cover tornado damage and an interview with local police.

Looking for more ideas? Consider press conferences, breaking news, sporting events, parades or other local events.

With the content appearing directly in the news feed and users increasingly wanting to consume content as it’s happening, newsrooms should plan to make this part of their social media strategy.

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