March Madness is truly a local story.

The tournament might not be coming to your town or maybe your team isn’t playing in it, but there are definitely readers in your area who care about the results.

Your Facebook feed over the next few weeks — and especially this weekend — likely will be filled up with lots of bracket busting comments and fury over game results.

It’s a fun time and it’s a great opportunity to engage and get your social media audience to share.

Here are five ideas any newspaper could do:

  1. Get photos: Many will head to bars today and Friday to enjoy the games. Ask readers to capture photos celebrating March Madness. Encourage both happy and sad photos, based on how your team is faring. Could be fun.
  1. Best March Madness story or tradition: I love this Buffalo Wild Wings commercial that shows a mom leaving her kids for “probably a week, hopefully longer,” because of March Madness. You can see her celebrating with her friends. You could ask your social media audience to share their March Madness traditions or the excuses they give the boss or family, so they can watch all day.

  1. Celebrity brackets: Reach out to five local celebrities and ask them to share their brackets, then post them on social media. Could be fun interaction.
  1. Describe it in one word: Ask readers to use a word at the end of the day (make sure you stress appropriateness of their language) to describe the condition of their bracket.
  1. Storify it: There will be local hashtags, so grab a few and create a Storify package of readers reacting to the madness.

March Madness is really a local story. Reach out and let your audience share.

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