If you haven’t looked at your Facebook Insights recently, now would be a good time to check out the analytics section for your publication’s page.

Facebook announced in late February in the media blog that they are releasing more data on video posted natively to a Facebook page.

You can now see total minutes viewed on a video and views that lasted to 10 seconds, in addition to the existing metrics of percent completed and total views. Video has been a tremendous area of growth for Facebook, as previously reported in the blog here.

Video hasn’t been the only area in Insights that Facebook has been upgrading. The overview section includes a quick snapshot of who your largest demographic on Facebook is. Why not use this metric to target content for this audience?


The Insights section also features more information on where a majority your audience is coming from, which for most pages is mobile:



The pageviews section also featured more detailed information for how people navigate around your Facebook page, including visiting your timeline, photos, or reviews:


With all of this date at your fingertips, it’s definitely a good idea to make it part of your weekly or daily workflow when planning content for social.

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