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Tout spotlight: Quincy reporter gets video of deer hunt protestors

When a pair of protestors were arrested during a legal deer hunt in Massachusetts, Quincy Patriot-Ledger reporter Neal Simpson was quickly on the scene.

And while he wrote this thorough story about the incident, Simpson also took some time to add a Tout video, giving more of the scene’s flavor.

He answered a few questions for

GHN: What made you think to shoot the video of the protestors?
SIMPSON: A photographer and I were following the protestors as they marched toward the site where hunters were bringing their kill to be documented, figuring there might be some kind of confrontation we should catch.

Instead, the protestors were stopped at the end of the driveway and began to chant. A state police trooper was trying to get us to move along, so I knew we only have a brief period to catch the action.

GHN: How long did it take to shoot and post?
SIMPSON: Probably 60 seconds to record it and another 30 seconds to title it and hit submit on the Tout app. It obviously took longer to upload, but I was working on other things. I didn’t do any editing.

GHN: What advice would you have for someone who hasn’t used Tout yet?
SIMPSON:  Keep in mind that you can only grab 60 seconds at a time, so don’t go into it thinking you’re going to record a bunch of footage and then edited it down to the best part.

GHN: What do you think video adds to your stories?
SIMPSON: It helps readers tie your text to events happening in the real world, particularly through the addition of sound.

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