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Why not both? GateHouse’s new Briefing 2016 website pairs local and national election coverage

As election coverage increases the closer we get to November, sometimes promoting relevant local coverage amidst more broad national coverage becomes as difficult as deciding whom to to actually vote for. With the launch of its new Briefing 2016 website, however, GateHouse Media proves it’s possible to have the best of both worlds.

In an interview with Garcia Media, the site’s designer and developer, GateHouse’s Senior Vice President of Content & Product Development David Arkin stressed the importance of the ability for local paper’s to prominently feature their own content alongside clickable national content.

“We’ll be rolling out the site and working with newspapers to feature their content and promote this election destination over the coming weeks,” Arkin said. “This is one of many projects we have been working with Mario and his team on and we’re excited to see such product improvements come to our newspapers.”

The website, which will be carried by GateHouse Media papers, is individually tailored to feature national content alongside the paper’s own local content in one location, and also features live poll results for the candidates, photo and video galleries, engagement items like a presidential quiz, a Twitter ticker and commentary sections.

The individual logo of each newspaper will appear at the top of each site, along with links to both the paper’s social media and Briefing 2016’s own Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Seacoast Online’s site is already live!

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