Facebook released its new notifications app last week on iOS, which could change the way users consume news from the social media product.

According to a blog post from Facebook, the app is organized around stations or categories. Users can customize them based on their interests, from sports to weather to celebrities.

At the time of the release there are only 70 publishers in the app, Tech Crunch reported, and publishers are using a special interface to write content for it.

What does this mean for content distributed through your sites’ Facebook pages? As the app is separate and only a select number of publishers have access, this doesn’t affect content posted through Facebook.

The app does however, make the social media product more competitive with Twitter, which is known as a better source for breaking news because content is not filtered.

Push notifications are another way for users to consume information, which is a reason they created the app, according to a post on Re/code.

Not to be left behind, Twitter has also been making a lot of changes recently, including switching its star icon for favoriting tweets to a heart.

The heart is a more universal symbol, Twitter said in a blog post, and it eliminates the confusion of favoriting one thing vs. many things.

Since the change was made, Twitter has already seen a bump in engagement from the heart icon.

Buzzfeed reported that Twitter has already seen a 6 percent increase in the heart usage compared to the star.  

Have you downloaded notify yet? Or used Twitter’s hearts?


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