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Turkey talk: Readers want recipes in November

Photo by Satya Murthy, Flickr
Photo by Satya Murthy, Flickr

Google’s tools for advertisers can yield some great story ideas. Example: According to Think With Google, did you know more people search online for recipes at Thanksgiving than at any other time of year? And Google would know!

Based on that data, your digital and print products may want to stock up on recipes to gain some of those eyeballs. According to the Google data, turkeys trend but sides and dessert recipes get the most search interest:

  • Year over year, searches for dessert recipes are growing 3x faster than searches for turkey recipes in November (from Google Trends, another fab site for timely story ideas).

Another way to present recipes is through video:

If you’re feeling inspired but don’t have the time to plan your own holiday recipes, More Content Now can help.

In addition to our already-available Holiday Cookbook & Entertaining Guide, our Thanksgiving premium section – available Nov. 2 – will have last-minute turkey day recipes and ideas for the inevitable leftovers (again, Google says searches for what to do with those hit an annual high three days after Thanksgiving).

Whether you are planning your own content or need some from More Content Now’s archive, recipes are what your readers will be searching for in November, on several digital platforms.

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