News broke last week that Twitter might lift the 140-character limit in tweets, which of course created a lot of buzz on Twitter.

According to a post on Re/Code, lifting the character limit has long been discussed, but is now being considered more seriously. Twitter also laid the groundwork for this in August, when it announced it would eliminate the 140-character limit in direct messages. Twitter also expanded  the quote tweet feature in April, allowing users to add 116 characters of commentary to someone else’s tweet.

The character limit has been a part of the social media tool since it was founded, but Twitter needs to find a way to grow audience, according to industry experts.

What does this mean for tweets coming from your account or your site’s account? It would allow for added flexibility when crafting tweets. Re/Code author Kurt Wagner said that the easy way to get around this would be to stop counting handles and links towards the 140 characters.

It also could allow content to be posted directly on Twitter, according to a post on Slate. Author Will Oremus wrote that the new feature could work more like Facebook’s instant articles.

It’s impossible to predict when and if the feature will be released, but Twitters users should continue to utilize quote tweet option and longer DMs to be better engage with the audience.

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