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Thinking of abandoning Twitter? Here’s why you shouldn’t


We’ve long known that when it comes to social media referral traffic, Facebook is Floyd Mayweather — bringing home the big bucks in the form of delicious pageviews.

Twitter, meanwhile, almost reluctantly contributes eyeballs to your website, even as your list of followers grows.

So why invest the time? Shouldn’t we all just abandon the nest and try to pin our way to popularity instead?

Not if you consider a new study by the American Press Institute and Twitter, along with DB5, a research company. According to the recently-released study, Twitter users sure love their news. Some findings, taken directly from the American Press Institute:

• Nearly 9 in 10 Twitter users in the study (86%) say they use Twitter for news, and the vast majority of those (74%) do so daily.


• Roughly the same number of people say they use Twitter to be alerted to breaking news (40%) as to keep up with the news generally (39%).


• Three quarters of Twitter news users follow individual journalists, writers and commentators (73%) and nearly two thirds follow institutional accounts (62%). Twitter users also are very likely to discover new journalists and writers and consequently follow their work, often on other platforms beyond Twitter.

If you’re concerned about maintaining a good brand in these ultra-competitive times of ours (and your should be) then remaining active on Twitter should be a priority. From a newspaper’s perspective? Sure — but especially as an individual reporter.

Establishing yourself reigning authority on an issue or topic requires visibility, and Twitter remains one of the best if not the best tool out there to establish that credibility.

Pageviews are important, but there’s more to audience than that.

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