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Five new things you should know about posting video on Facebook

Video is everywhere you go in social media. People are live streaming on Periscope and videos are showing up in your news feed on Facebook. Video is huge on Instagram as well.

Facebook, the largest social network, has seen a significant growth in video content. How do you plan a video strategy around that? Here are a few facts to keep in mind:

1. Video views on Facebook are exploding. In April, the social network said it it was average 4 billion video views a day, according an article on Re/Code. In September of 2014 that number was just 1 billion.

2. Autoplay on both players on websites and in social represent tremendous revenue opportunities. In an article on Adweek earlier in August, the author wrote that that silent autoplay feature was attractive to advertisers because it was less intrusive. Facebook video ads are also reported to have a higher interaction rate than video on any other platform.

3. Live video continues to be huge, as Twitter’s Periscope grows and Snapchat continues to grow as well. Facebook rolled out a test of live streaming that was made available for verified celebrity accounts and early results were successful, TechCrunch reported.

4. More people are sharing video on Facebook than other types of content, according to a study Newship conducted on the BBC News’ Facebook page.

5. Vertical video is no longer taboo. Farhad Manjoo wrote in the New York Times that users prefer to consume video vertically, mostly because of time spent on smartphones. The article also stated that several sites, including Mashable and Daily Mail, are trying to make all of their video shot in portrait.

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