With triple-digit temperatures affecting large areas of the country, here are some AP style terms when describing weather and temperatures.

  • Temperatures get higher or lower, not warmer or cooler. So, “Temperatures are expected to rise in the area Friday,” not “Temperatures are expected to warm up in the area Friday.”
  • Don’t use an apostrophe when referring to a range of temperatures: “Highs are expected to be in the 90s,” not “90’s.”
  • All temperature figures except zero should be written as numerals: “Temperatures fell 5 degrees,” not “five degrees.”
  • When it’s clear the temperature you’re writing about is on the Fahrenheit scale, such as outdoor temperatures in the U.S., there’s no need to say “degrees Fahrenheit” or “98 F.”

Finally, don’t blame the “weatherman” if it rained the day of your barbecue — blame the “weather forecaster.”

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