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Pinterest best practices revisited

AR-150709887Did you know that Pinterest is the second highest social referrer across all websites?

Behind Facebook, Pinterest provides up to 6 percent of referrer traffic to websites at the end of 2015. This is far behind Facebook’s 24 percent referral rate, but ahead of Twitter’s .82 percent, according to data from Shareaholic.

If your site has a Pinterest account, are you seeing those referral numbers? A group of editors from several sites worked together to review Pinterest best practices and talk about ways to increase engagement.

The updated best practices have been added to the Inner Circle handbook, but here is a recap of our findings:

1. Search for local groups in your community on Pinterest and follow those pages. Re-pin relevant content from there this week.

2. Try seasonal boards such as spring photos, graduations, things to do (look through Evie Says and pin upcoming events), summer road trips

Good seasonal board examples:

Independence Day on Utica Observer-Dispatch

Halloween Tricks and Treats on Utica Observer-Dispatch

Spring in the Poconos

3. Try to create one new board each week. This will allow you to build up your Evergreen content and think about different types of content.

The following are the most pinned categories, according to Cision:

-food and drink

-DIY and crafts

-home décor

-holidays and events

4. Board titles: Make your board titles as specific as possible. Don’t just do photos, and steer away from an entire column title unless it has a huge following in the community. Be sure to split up topics like recipes and restaurant reviews.

Examples of good board titles:

Places to visit: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Pets in the Poconos

Cape Cod and Island Homes

5. To grow audience, considering promoting your Pinterest page once a week on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, shorter pins work better, with the optimal length of share text being between 200 and 300 words, according to Cision.

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