In honor of the annual holiday celebrating our country’s independence, let’s review some AP terms to know.

American is acceptable to describe a citizen of the United States.

Congress Capitalize U.S. Congress and Congress when referring to the U.S.House of Representatives and Senate. Though Congress can be used to refer to the House, it should be reserved for referring to both the Senate and House. Congress should also be capitalized when referring to a foreign body that uses the term, or an equivalent word in a foreign language.

Declaration of Independence The word declaration can be lowercased when it stands alone.

Founding Fathers should be capitalized when referring to the creators of the U.S. Constitution.

Independence Day, Fourth of July and July Fourth are all acceptable. The federal legal holiday is observed on Friday if July 4 falls on a Saturday or on a Monday if the date falls on a Sunday.

president should be capitalized only when used as a formal title before a name. Lowercase in all other uses.

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