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Save characters on Twitter by tagging photos

In the category of “this feature is a year old but I just found out about it so now I’m telling you” – did you know you can tag photos on Twitter, saving precious characters but still notifying the people you tagged?

This is one of those things you have to actually be in Twitter – rather than HootSuite or TweetDeck – to take advantage of. You also have to add a photo to your tweet, something we all know boosts engagement but still often don’t take the time to do. So do it!

To expand the reach of your tweets, it’s a best practice to include @mentions. That means you figure out what the Twitter handle of relevant people are and include them in your tweet, prefaced with the @ symbol. Your tweet then appears in the Notifications section of their account. The hope is that they retweet it and expose your tweet to all of their followers.

Including @mentions, however, can take up precious characters – you only get 140.

However, if you include a photo with your tweet, there is another feature, tagging.

When crafting a tweet, click on the Add Photo button, find your photo.

Twitter add photo

On the right, bottom corner of the post box, click on “Who’s in This Photo?” Type in up to 10 Twitter accounts to tag them.

Twitter tag list

Click on “Who’s in This Photo” to tag up to 10 people in a photo on Twitter.

These people will be notified that they’ve been tagged in the same way they would have been notified if you had @mentioned them. But imagine how many characters it would consume if you mentioned 10 people!

Use this feature to expose your content to more people, but be thoughtful about who you tag. Don’t tag them unless they’re connected to the post in some way.

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