Finding local tweets just got easier in Storify

Back in the day – like, maybe, a week or so ago – when you wanted to find local tweets in Storify, you could plug in a location and find results from within 10 kilometers (about 6 miles). For some situations, that felt too broad, but 10km was the smallest increment.

Playing around with Storify last week, I discovered an upgrade that I’m pretty psyched about – a map that targets tweets to within 1 mile! It turns out it’s part of a bigger project Storify announced this week, an improved “Advanced Twitter Search.”

The Storify announcement outlines these changes:

  • General searches can return up to 10 days’ results now
  • The “Type” filter can split results into tweets with images only or tweets with media (images, videos, etc.)
  • A new Location filter enables easy discovery of geo-located tweets. Simply type in a specific area and adjust the location range. (Perfect for “locals react” stories or seeing what’s being said at the site of breaking news.)

To use the new location filter, all you have to do is click on the Twitter icon, then click on Location. Type in a town. You probably don’t even have to include a state. It knows where you are. Zoom in or out to collapse or expand the radius.

The other change I was happy to see is the “Include Retweets” option is now NOT checked by default. It used to be checked and I unchecked it every time because I’m looking for original content.

Click here to read about other new features or improvements.

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