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Get more eyes on your social media posts

There are studies and surveys that suggest the best times you should post to social media, but there are also some resources that will help you identify when YOUR followers are online so you can get the most eyes on your content. Here are a few that will help you post to Facebook and Twitter.


There are two sites that will help you identify the best times to post to Twitter, based on when YOUR followers are online.

Followerwonk allows you to search Twitter bios for keywords, location specifics, follower/following counts — then sort by relevance or follower count; compare yourself to others; analyze your followers to find out who you are truly engaging with.

Followerwonk can do a lot of things, but the feature I’ve used it for is to show when my Twitter followers are online.

First, you have to connect your Twitter account with Followerwonk. Click on “Analyze Followers.” In the box, plug in the @twitter account name. Choose “analyze their followers” from the pulldown. (You can actually do this for any account, not just your own).

You’ll get two pieces of information – a map showing WHERE your followers are located in the world and a chart showing WHEN they followers are most active. (see the sample chart at the top of this post). This can help you decide when to make sure you have some activity on Twitter.

Let us know in the comments below how else you might be using Followerwonk.

Tweriod is another site that connects to your account to figure out the best time to post. After connecting, it takes the site about 5 minutes to pull a report together. It emails you when the report is ready. Use it to help decide when some of your tweets should go up.

Do you have a favorite site you use to help you figure out when to post? Let us know about it in the comment section.

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