Here are some tips on the Fourth of July and the dog days of summer.

Fourth of July

  • All three of these are correct style, according to AP: July Fourth, Fourth of July and Independence Day.
  • Do not use 4th of July or July 4th. July 4 is OK if you’re using it as a date and not as the name of the holiday.

Dog days

  • The dog days of summer are almost here, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac. Here are some tips:
  • Neither dog days nor summer are capitalized. Never capitalize seasons.
  • Dog Star is the nickname of the star Sirius. Both words in Dog Star are capitalized.
  • The traditional dates of the dog days of summer are July 3 to Aug. 11, dates that coincide with the rising of Sirius.
  • The dog days are also so named because they generally are the hottest, driest days of the year.
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