A couple quick tips for Valentine’s Day (it’s coming up soon, men!):

When you use “valentine” – as in “she’s my valentine” or “I gave a valentine to my teacher” – it’s lowercase.

It’s Valentine’s Day or St. Valentine’s Day, but not Valentines or Saint Valentine’s.

Tax day is right around the corner, and you’ll soon feel the urge to write “Tax day cometh” or some variation – try to refrain from using this cliche.

Some tax-term tips:

Lowercase tax day.

The deadline for federal returns this year is April 17. Check with your state on their deadline.

If you use Washington, D.C., make sure you put commas around “D.C.”

AP says to spell out Internal Revenue Service on first reference. IRS is acceptable thereafter.

Most tax terms are not capitalized, so be on the lookout for stray capping.

Social Security is capitalized, however. If you write Social Security number, “number” is lowercase.

The correct style on 401(k) is just so – no space after the “1,” and a lowercase “k” in parentheses.

AP’s Ask the Editor recently ruled that taxman should be one word, not two.

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