AR-312019947What’s your favorite word board game? Scrabble likely would top the majority of lists, but there are plenty of other great games out there, and any of these would make a great gift this holiday season.

Here’s our look at our favorite non-computer word games. If we forgot one of your favorites, leave a comment and tell us the name of the game and why you love it.

1. Scrabble. This might just be the best game of any type ever invented. Enough said.

2. Boggle. This fast-paced find-the-word game stands the test of time as well, and it comes out of the game closet almost as often as Scrabble.

3. Taboo. This and Apples to Apples are the best party word games. Taboo is a team guess-the-word game, but watch out! Some words you want to use to describe your word are taboo.

4. Apples to Apples. This is a great party game in which you try to match a noun card to the adjective card – and creative answers can sometimes get you a point.

5. Quiddler. This is basically a card game version of Scrabble – you try to make words using the cards in your hand. This is a fast and fun game.

6. Balderdash. This and Scattergories make up the next level of great party games. In Balderdash, players make up definitions for words, often with hilarious results.

7. Scattergories. In this game, players try to think of words that begin with a specific letter and match them to the category.

8. Bananagrams. Another Scrabble variant, this game is played only with tiles and is great fun – you have to make your own grid before the other players.

9. Upwords. This is very similar to Scrabble, but the twist is that players can place tiles on top of letters that have already been laid down. A good twist on Scrabble, and perhaps an easier option for younger players.

10. Hangman. No word list wouldn’t be complete without this classic. Who hasn’t played and enjoyed Hangman?!

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