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Culture Cube: Alternative story format templates

Here are several recommended uses for ASFs:

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When to use it | This is intended to be a standalone package to inform readers about a single topic, issue or event. Examples include previewing a festival, renovations at a facility or a high school game or season, and a list of things to do for the weekend or a holiday.

How to use it | The way to gauge whether this package can be used is if five uniquely informative elements can be written about the topic. The length of each item can differ slightly, but consistent lengths for each item are encouraged. The package can be modified to accommodate odd ad stacks and vertical photos.


When to use it | This format should be used when covering a city council meeting where multiple issues are on the agenda that don’t require full stories. Use this format for more process-oriented stories.

How to use it | Simply answer these questions:

1. What’s the issue? A concise sentence, perhaps two at the most, explaining the issue being addressed at the meeting.

2. What do we know? Depending on the issue, this section could have the most content, but brevity is important when using ASF templates.

3. What’s next? This could be the date when the issue will come to a vote, when a project will begin or when the next action will be taken.


When to use it | This format is ideal for covering the opening of a new business or a renovation to a facility.

How to use it | Because of the number of places to place text on this format, the reporter and photographer need to know in advance what content is expected to fill this package. The three main parts of this package include:

1. INTRO. The main paragraph narrative should be quick and concise and should explain the event in three to four sentences. This is basically your nut graph.

2. REACTION. Three sets of mugs and quotes from officials and residents who attended the event.

3. PHOTOS: The highlights of the facility should be showcased in this area. A photo should accompany each highlight.


When to use it | This is a question-and-answer interview with a relevant official or community leader.

How to use it | The format offers ample space for an introduction and five questions and responses. A dominant photo should capture the subject in his or her environment.

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